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Nutri-Supreme Research. The vitamin company that Bridges the Gap Between Nutrition and Medicine. Join us for a front row seat as we witness a radical change in the future of disease treatment and prevention.

Today's medical research focusing on the role of nutrition in cellular health clearly indicates that we are no longer simply reacting to our medical conditions, rather, we are actively searching to provide our bodies with the proper balance of nutrition vitamins and dietary supplements necessary for our own immune systems to work optimally.

Nutri-Supreme Research is immersed in many of these studies. For example, it is spearheading the evaluation of vitamins along with one of the nation's leading cardiac centers. These clinical research projects could lead to significant improvements in the protocol doctors recommend for patients with heart disease.

Other research projects in the pipeline offer promising advances in the development of nutrition, vitamins and dietary supplements, and, more- specifically, for behavioral and age-related problems.

Rather than accepting the competitive stance nutritionists and doctors traditionally take toward one another, Nutri-Supreme founder and President, Eliezer Gruber reached across the divide. Our products are a combination of the best that both groups have to offer, with formulations derived from up-to-date scientific research data.

Mr. Gruber's frequent lectures and writings on the role of nutrition, including vitamins and minerals, in medicine have made him an influential advisor to important researchers in medicine today. With their collaboration, we are playing a major role of launching a new age of unsurpassed and highly effective nutrition supplements and vitamins designed to work side-by-side with pharmaceuticals. Even our basic multivitamins are anything but basic. Formulated from the findings of recent research studies, they offer significant differences that should shake up consumers' expectations from their multivitamin.

We also offer a host of nutrition vitamins & supplements that support the health of specific organs, functions and conditions, such as our prenatal vitamins or our Active 50 Plus - a multivitamin for men and women over 50. Again, taking the best available science and integrating it with our uncompromising demand for the highest quality ingredients, we are producing doctor recommended vitamins and minerals that are used around the world.

All our products are strictly kosher - with certification on every bottle. Even our Omega 3 is made with Kosher fish oil.